The project called for the redesign of the foyer and a number of office spaces for administration staff in the architecture department at the University of Sydney. The clients brief was to make a number of subtle changes to the run down entry area by developing a new facade transitioning from the studio areas to the deans office. We saw this as an opportunity to develop a threshold which maintained the serous nature of the architecture with a twist of folded geometry.

This has been carried out through a series of key frames along the wall with a major shift in geometry as the volume meets the main foyer area. Working closely with our carpenter we developed a series of panels which could be cut from standard sheet sizes and hung using split battens for ease of maintenance. All the seams and joints have been mitred to form a slick homogeneous look using polyurethane sprayed MDF. Scattered throughout the geometry are pockets which hold LED strips lighting key features of the folded surfaces.

Year: 2013
Area: 90 SQM
Type: Installation
Location: Sydney, Australia